- Don't pretend like you're too cool to spend $995 on officially licensed, 'Tron Legacy' light bike suits. [via Gizmodo]

- Months ago 'The Hangover' director Todd Philips tried to juke earlier press rumors that 'The Hangover 2' would be taking place in Thailand, but according to George Roush at Latino Review, the rumors were true. His source says that the original gang will all be back together and heading to the tropical local for yet another night or two of drunken debauchery. What will be the pressing, must-remember-what-we-did event this time around? Whether or not Stu (Ed Helms) had sex ... with a Thai tranny, of course.

- Fans of the Pixar short 'Presto' will be happy to know that its director, Doug Sweetland, will soon be making his feature debut with a film adaptation of the recently published kids book, 'The Familiars.' Sweetland has set up the film at revival studio Sony Pictures Animation with Josh Donen and Sam Raimi on board as producers. Its plot - three young wizards must use their animal companions to foil the plans of an evil queen - does sound like a mash-up of 'Harry Potter' and 'The Golden Compass,' but Sweetland's 16 years of experience working in the business should help him counter making an overly familiar film.
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