After tackling such heavy themes as racism and the war in Iraq, Oscar-winning writer-director Paul Haggis ('Crash,' 'In the Valley of Elah') will try his hand at directing a thriller with his new movie 'The Next Three Days.'

In it, Haggis teams with another Oscar winner, Russell Crowe, in this nail-biting story about a man who attempts to break his wife (Elizabeth Banks) out of jail after she's accused of murder. To do so, Crowe enlists the help of an ex-con (Liam Neeson), who shows him how to get the job done. Olivia Wilde and Brian Dennehy co-star.

Today, Moviefone is unveiling the brand-new trailer for the film, in theaters Nov. 19. Check it out after the jump.
The Next Three Days
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After his imprisoned wife becomes suicidal, a man (Russell Crowe) hatches a plan to break her out. Read More