Your Highness
Last summer, Moviefone was lucky enough to be flown to an annoyingly chilly Belfast in Northern Ireland to see (the frankly bonkers-looking) 'Your Highness' being filmed.

The movie is best described as a medieval/fantasy comedy adventure revolving around a familial black sheep. The outcast in question is Thaddeus (played by Danny McBride), the good-for-nothing younger brother to James Franco's perfect prince Fabious. Whilst the latter spends his days earnestly saving maidens and killing dragons, his sibling has resorted to lazing around, smoking weed and necking booze. Naturally, this situation can't go on forever, and when Fabious' bride-to-be (Zooey Deschanel) gets kidnapped, Thadeus must man up or face having his allowance cut off. Cue an epic and, we suspect, ridiculous quest, with a hint of emotional growth along the way.

From what we saw, this is one of the craziest efforts to emerge from a Hollywood studio in many a year. Here's some stuff we learned while on set: