While 'Door in the Floor' director Tod "Kip" Williams works on the sequel to Oren Peli's indie haunt hit 'Paranormal Activity,' Toshikazu Nagae is simultaneously directing Japan's version of the film -- 'Paranormal Activity 2: Tokyo Night.' US distributor IM Global and Japan's Presidio have teamed up for a "100% authorized and sanctioned sequel to Peli's film," which is a totally independent story based on the supernatural franchise.

What that means is that 'Tokyo Night' will not follow the same story as Williams' film -- it's moving in an entirely different direction as a "parallel" movie and is not considered a true blue remake. This time we're headed to Tokyo (obvs) where a Japanese student has just returned from a trip to San Diego and the only souvenir he's brought home with him is a ghost. It looks like the film is shot in the same style as the original -- using home movie footage to share the afflicted's terrifying experiences.

Whether or not this film will contain the standard Asian-creepy-girl-who-died-a-wrongful-death ghost is still to be determined. Since America has imported all the good Asian ghost flicks, it's interesting to see the tables turned. You can check out a trailer for 'Tokyo Night' (not to be confused with 'Talladega Nights' ... ), as well as the trailer for the US 'Paranormal Activity 2', after the jump. 'Tokyo Night' arrives in Japanese theaters this December, while the American 'Paranormal Activity 2' hits theaters on October 22nd. Which 'PA' sequel would you rather see?
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