We're used to so much horror these days, it doesn't seem likely that a film could cause a violent physical reaction. We're no strangers to eyes gouged out, limbs hacked to pieces and sexual organs snipped off. When word hit from Telluride this year that two people needed medical attention during a screening of Danny Boyle's '127 Hours,' our first thought was coincidence -- they couldn't really be related to the film, could they?

Well maybe suffering physical pain and discomfort because of a film will seem a little more likely when you hit the jump and check out the audience reactions to 'The Exorcist.' When the film originally hit screens on the day after Christmas in 1973, audiences were shocked by visions of Linda Blair playing the little, possessed Regan, and the adults around her who were desperate for a solution by way of an exorcism. Audiences shivered, shrieked, bolted from the theater and, yes, even some even fainted.
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The Exorcist
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