Zach Galifianakis
, take note: Just because everybody -- including us -- thinks you're effin' hilarious right now doesn't mean that people might not get tired of your shtick one of these days.

We'll be the first to admit it: Zach G. is still funny now. Whenever we see him in 'The Hangover' with the baby? Never gets old. The trailer for 'Due Date,' where he's annoying the crap out of Robert Downey Jr. for three minutes, has great comic potential. But in all of these, including the new dramedy 'It's Kind of A Funny Story,' Galifianakis is starting to look a little same-y.

And that's a problem.

For most big-screen funnymen, there comes a point when the gimmick that made them famous begins to wear. Jack Black had an early career trajectory -- beloved indie comedian to buzz-worthy Hollywood hotshot -- similar to Galifianakis's, and though he's still a bankable star, few have flipped over his mainstream work since 2003's 'School of Rock.' Jim Carrey, Billy Crystal, Adam Sandler and Mike Myers all slipped from their once-lofty comic perches, too.

So how can the bearded buffoon learn from that history and avoid losing his cred? Let's look for some clues as to what he can do to avoid turning into Robin Williams.
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