View of the lobby of the Oriental Theater in Milwaukee, WI.
Last month, we asked Moviefone readers to send us their picks for the coolest local movie theaters in their neighborhoods. We got plenty of responses from across the nation and we narrowed it down to a dozen of the best movie theaters in the U.S.

Your favorite cinemas shared some common themes -- like booze, distinctive décor and comfy seats. But there were also elements such as historic heritage, personable staffs, and other added bonuses which make these prime destinations for movie buffs and locals alike.

In honor of our 20th celebration, we present 12 of the top theaters from around the country, as nominated by you. Read on to learn more, or to plan what would make for one heck of a road trip.

Theater: Alamo Drafthouse
Location: Austin, TX
Best Feature: Food, personality and atmosphere
Our Readers Say:Adam Jorgensen commented, "What other movie theater would have a flame thrower in the parking lot for the showing of 'Rambo'? Or bury you six feet under the ground for a viewing of 'Buried'?"
On Twitter, @haaspolicy confirmed the Drafthouse's appeal of "Great movies, food and an awesome beer list. If you've been there you know."
Reader Charles says the theater offers "special feasts to accompany movies (like chocolate feast with 'Chocolat,' wine tasting with 'Sideways') and special screenings of cult/exploitation films, often with celebrity appearances. The atmosphere is great, the staff friendly, food delicious, and their pre-trailer shows are absolutely hilarious."
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