David Fincher's'The Social Network,' starring Jesse Eisenberg and Justin TImberlake, exposes the "true" and quite salacious story behind the founding of Facebook - according to co-founder Eduardo Saverin, that is. But there's never just one side of a story, is there?

In its opening weekend, the movie, with its masterfully developed characters and powerful plot execution, topped the box office and incited a frenzy of inquisitive minds to swarm Google with 'Social Network'-related searches.

And to think it all started with the release of an oddly intriguing movie poster, featuring Jesse Eisenberg looking as confused, uncomfortable and awkward as can be. After seeing it for the first time, one couldn't help but wonder: Who were his enemies? What did he do to create them? And ... why does he look like he wants to eat me? So many questions!
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