Technology advances at a frenetic pace. Just a few years ago the idea of high definition in your living room was a pipe dream for all but the super rich. Today you can go to Target and buy a decent sized HDTV for a few hundred dollars. While HD was taking homes by storm, an old technology was being revamped in an effort to entice audiences back to movie theaters. 3-D had already enjoyed a few haydays in the past, but with James Cameron promising game changing visuals from his decade-long passion project, others started to follow suit. As with any technology, the drive to make it smaller and more affordable has lead to 3-D TV, and since any display format needs content, 3-D Blu-ray has emerged as well.

As of this moment, there are only a handful of 3-D Blu-rays available. They require both a 3-D Blu-ray player to play the discs as well a 3-D TV to display the picture. So far, all currently available 3DTV's in the US also require you to wear 3-D glasses to see the 3-D effect, though prototypes of sets that don't use glasses are on the horizon (see images after the jump). As of Monday, the 3-D Blu-rays that you could buy were all animated, including the surprisingly funny and heartwarming 'Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs.' But Tuesday, Best Buy scored the exclusive release of the first live-action film to hit 3-D Blu-ray here in the US, the 2009 horror remake 'My Bloody Valentine.'
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