'Nude Nuns with Big Guns'
doesn't need much of an endorsement other than what its title suggests -- sexy servants of God wielding wicked guns. Joseph Guzman's latest about a vengeful nun on a rampage looks like part nunsploitation, part mexploitation and all entertaining. If you still have exploitation fever after Rodriguez's 'Machete' then this one should cure what ails you.

Asun Ortega stars as Sister Sarah, who is abused, brainwashed and drugged by the corrupt clergy of her church. While that might sound like a good time to some of you, Sister Sarah makes it her mission to track down those who wronged her -- after God told her to, of course. She quickly develops a bad habit for big guns and hunts her tormentors like prey in the ultimate battle between good versus evil. The church has other plans, however, and hires a badass motorcycle gang (known as Los Muertos) to kill her once and for all. They quickly realize that Sister is one bad mother!

Guzman's Freak Show Entertainment is no stranger to the exploitation throwback. His 2009 effort 'Run! Bitch Run!' pitted Catholic schoolgirls against killer pimps. Alas, 'Nude Nuns' probably won't be as sleazy as its title suggests -- I think Joe D'Amato's nun flicks have that part covered -- but there's nothing more amusing than a blood-thirsty, gun-toting nun. Blasphemous indeed.

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