- Apparently Yoda had sex with a species of tube-nosed fruit bat and this is what their child looks like.

- Robert Downey Jr. is set to star in 'Yucatan,' an adventure story involving deep-sea diving and mysterious treasure that was originally conceived by Steve McQueen decades ago. It's not a remake, however, as McQueen's film was never actually produced. Downey Jr. will star in the film, which will be written by 'Sherlock Holmes' scribe Anthony Peckham for Warner Bros.

- Mackenzie Foy has just been cast as Renesmee in 'Breaking Dawn.' If you're familiar with 'Twilight,' odds are you know exactly who that character is. If you're not, then the following is a spoiler: Renesmee is Bella and Edwards' daughter and apparently she ages faster than normal as director Bill Condon will be employing special effects to age the nine year old actress some seventeen years.

- The only thing surprising about rock icon Slash starting a production company called Slasher Films to make horror movies is that it took this long to actually happen. The first entry in the Slasher Films family will be 'Nothing to Fear,' which is yet another film about a young family that moves into demon-haunted house in the countryside.
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