The L.A. Times' blog 24 Frames reports that an American remake of the Argentinian period thriller 'The Secret in Their Eyes' is being prepped. Director Juan Jose Campanella, director of 17 episodes of 'Law & Order: Special Victims Unit' and five episodes of 'House,' won the Oscar for Best Foreign Picture this past year for 'The Secret in Their Eyes,' beating out Michael Haneke's 'The White Ribbon' and Jacques Audiard's 'A Prophet.' The film' follows a decades-old murder mystery that lawyer protagonists pursue through cold case evidence and eye-witnesses' recollections.

The trouble with remaking 'The Secret in Their Eyes' will mainly be, as the Times' Steven Zeitchik pointed out, a problem of figuring out a way to translate the political payoff of the film into an American story. Much of the plot can be moved piecemeal without much difficulty, but there are elements specific to Argentinean history. It sort of reminds of how David Fincher decided to shoot 'The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo' in Sweden (with English-speaking actors), where the original was based, instead of re-locating it to the United States.

Then again, as Zeitchik points out, a couple of Best Foreign Film winners, like 'The Lives of Others,' have previously been optioned to be remade in America but have never progressed beyond that point. It'd be a challenge for whoever were to adapt the film, and in light of Campanella's history as a television director, it wouldn't be that surprising to see him helm the remake too ... if it ever gets that far, that is.

Have you seen the film? Do you think it could be remade for an American audience?
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