The second trailer for 'The Tourist' hit the Internet today, which, on first glance, appears to be simply a condensed version of the theatrical trailer that was released last month.

Much of what you'll see here is familiar: Johnny Depp meets a ravenous, er, ravishing Angelina Jolie; Johnny and Angelina kiss; Johnny and Angelina get chased down by Paul Bettany. In fact, the only real difference between the two trailers are their running times. (This one clocks in at a cool 1:03.)

On the bright side, the shortened running time allows the trailer to get right to the action, setting 'The Tourist' up to be a movie that is both thrilling and surprisingly funny. (Think 'Salt' mixed with Depp's signature 'Pirates' humor.) Plus, we get to see Johnny and Angelina lock lips again and, well, who wouldn't want to watch that?

Check out the new trailer now, then tell us: Will you be booking a trip to see 'The Tourist' on Dec. 10?
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The Tourist
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