There's a reason horse movies are a staple at the box office: Horses are pretty. Really, really pretty. The magnificent way they run, the way their manes fly in the wind and, of course, those deep, soulful eyes that show us what noble creatures they are ... oh, sorry, was I getting carried away?

It's easy to do when it comes to movies about horses: They get filed away under "sports movies" because very often, like in 'Secretariat,' which opens today, it's all about the world of horse racing. But, really, every horse movie is a romance. Sometimes the love story is between two horses, but very often, it's between the horse and the human who believes in them.

Read on for some of our favorite scenes of humans and horses falling in love in the movies, even if they're eventually destined for someone of their own species.
True Lies
Based on 17 critics

Washington wife (Jamie Lee Curtis) learns her husband (Arnold Schwarzenegger) is a spy. Read More

Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron
Based on 29 critics

A wild mustang resists a cruel cavalryman's attempt to break him. Read More

The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers
Based on 38 critics

Now divided, members of a fellowship take different paths to destroy the ring and defeat evil. Read More

The Man from Snowy River
In Theaters on November 29th, 2002

Australian cowboy (Tom Burlinson) falls for boss's (Kirk Douglas) daughter (Sigrid Thornton). Read More

Based on 36 critics

A Westerner (Viggo Mortensen) races a horse across the Arabian desert. Read More

Based on 21 critics

A rancher's (Tim McGraw) teenage daughter (Alison Lohman) tames a mustang. Read More

Black Stallion
Based on 10 critics

A shipwrecked 1940s boy (Kelly Reno) bonds with an Arabian horse. Read More

Black Beauty
In Theaters on July 29th, 1994

An old horse recalls his up-and-down life of good and bad owners in Victorian England. Read More

National Velvet
In Theaters on August 10th, 2001

An ex-jockey (Mickey Rooney) coaches an English girl (Elizabeth Taylor) to the Grand National. Read More

The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring
Based on 34 critics

Creatures unite to destroy a powerful ring and defeat a lord. Read More

December 7, 2016
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