Thanks to movies like 'The Ugly Truth' and 'Killers' (which have a combined score of 26% on Rotten Tomatoes), Katherine Heigl might have an image problem even if Katherine Heigl didn't have an image problem. But this is America, where mediocrity is king (and the McRib its lovely queen)! We admire our stars and starlets not because they occasionally deliver stirring performances, but rather because they can appear in a string of virtually unwatchable movies co-starring Ashton Kutcher (et al) and still make us wish we were them! So what's the problem with Ms. Heigl? What makes her so despised in a time when Reese Witherspoon is our national princess despite starring in 'Rendition'* and sporting a chin that I often confuse with that giant drill-ship from 'The Core?'

Not even Heigl herself knows for sure. The question of her unfortunate reputation was lobbed at the actress during a recent junket interview for her new film 'Life As We Know It,' and despite not having much of an answer she still responded to the query with a candor and self-awareness uncommon to either actresses or junkets. And honestly, publicly admitting that you have a problem isn't just the first step to solving stuff like this, it's often all it takes to get people back on your side. Reports of Heigl's diva-like behavior aren't uncommon (although this fawning profile in the New York Times suggests that they're also unfounded), but the brunt of her bad rep seems to stem from some fair and barely damning comments she made about 'Knocked Up so long ago that Emma Stone was still just that cute girl with the husky voice from 'Superbad' that you secretly hoped would never be famous so you and she might plausibly date one day (... it was just me? Awkward).
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