Kimbra HickeyWhether you're a Twi-hard or not, it seems impossible not to know the iconic image of the youthful hands holding the symbolic red apple that graces the cover of 'Twilight,' the first of Stephenie Meyer's record-breaking four-book series. With over 17 million copies sold and translations into 37 different languages, the book -- and the cover photo -- have become a cultural phenomenon.

Kimbra Hickey, part-time massage therapist and part-time "parts" model, certainly had no inkling of what was to come when she auditioned for the hand model job in 2004 -- before the book was published, and before the word 'Twilight' became synonymous with beautiful golden-eyed vampires living in an overcast, wet corner of Washington State.

Hickey seems to have embraced her role in the 'Twilight' phenomenon, touring with the 'Twilight' convention, meeting fans, and possibly seeking a spot on the 'Breaking Dawn' cast list. We talked to her to find out more about the person attached to those famous hands.
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