This publicity stunt is pretty weak in itself, but what makes it even more lame is that Rogue Pictures is attempting to turn it into a fake or real controversy. Rogue tweeted a link to a video from the 'My Soul to Take' New York premiere. It's business as usual for the cast and writer-director Wes Craven, but in the middle of a photo-op two guys engage in a poorly acted brawl during which one pulls a rubber knife on the other and "stabs" him. Even worse, this is the video description:
OMG! tonight some dude was stabbed on the red carpet in front of Wes Craven and the whole cast of the movie. it was INSANE! Cops were all over the place but the guy with the knife got away. the trailer for the film looks good but do you think they will still release the movie?

Apparently someone forgot to tell the publicity team that in order for something like this to have an effect, it at least needs to seem realistic. It's too bad the cameraman didn't provide a glimpse of Craven's reaction, especially if he wasn't in on the gag

At least no one lost money in this effort. Sadly the same wasn't true for the folks behind the 1987 film 'Million Dollar Mystery.' In an attempt to stir some buzz, Glad Bags and De Laurentiis Entertainment teamed up to arrange an actual million dollar contest. Moviegoers were expected to hunt down the prize for themselves using information they learned in the film. Sadly the person that won the contest wound up earning more money than the movie. 'Million Dollar Mystery' only took in a mere $989,033 at the box office.
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