Crouching tigers, hidden Toms.

The fight began almost a year ago. John Woo was zeroing in on a project called 'Flying Tigers,' detailing the Chinese Air Force during World War II. Then rumors started bubbling that Tom Cruise was interested. We asked Woo, who revealed that while he wanted to work with ol' Tommy again, it was his understanding that Tom's camp had another script. "I still need to find out," Woo said. "I don't have much to say about it."

He probably has something more to say now, as word hits that a battle is brewing. On one side, there is Woo and Terence Chang. On the other, New Regency, 20th Century Fox and Tom Cruise. 'Flying Tigers' (both projects have the same name) lies in the middle and it's become a race to see which one hits production first.
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