Lately there's been a lot of talk about bullying, gay-bashing, and plain old ugly intolerance. The reminders come because we're close to the anniversary of Matthew Shepard's brutal murder and also because they're volatile issues that must be discussed, but also because, hey, we're evolving, and perhaps we as a culture have reached the point where, "Ugh, you're so GAY" is no longer considered harmless or innocuous. Or funny.

Someone forgot to tell the Universal marketing department.

According to Deadline Hollywood, the new trailer for the Ron Howard comedy 'The Dilemma' has been yanked and promptly replaced with one that doesn't open with Vince Vaughn complaining how "electric cars are gay." Within the context of an appropriately rated film (the MPAA ratings board generally gives homophobic jokes a nice, friendly PG-13), the quip probably wouldn't cause too much controversy, but it seems that GLAAD is irritated that such casual gay-mocking would appear in an "all ages" movie trailer. And I believe they have a good point, actually.
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