Until this afternoon, all we really knew about Joe Wright's new film 'Hanna' is that it stars the suddenly precocious Saoirse Ronan as a teenage assassin. That was enough to get us interested, but the wealth of details that Wright, Ronan, and co-star Eric Bana revealed to the New York Comic-Con crowd this afternoon -- in addition to the two brief clips they brought in tow -- have us somewhat convinced that 'Hanna' is going to be one of the spring's most exciting movies when Focus Features release it on April 8, 2011. So here's what we know now:

1. 'Hanna' is 'Leon' meets 'The Enigma of Kaspar Hauser.'

Eric Bana might tell you otherwise, but the whole "cute girl who happens to be a deadly trained killer" thing is familiar stuff. From 'Leon' to 'Kick-Ass' to a whole sub-genre of anime titles like 'Gunslinger Girl' and 'Kite,' it can feel like every little girl in a movie these days is likely to be concealing an automatic weapon of some kind (this perspective has really tarnished the experience of watching 'A Little Princess').

But Joe Wright is a serious filmmaker (he may have gone a little Joe Wrong* with 'The Soloist,' but all of his films -- especially 'Atonement' -- are undeniably the work of a filmmaker possessed with a consideration and curiosity for his craft), and one gets the sense he wouldn't have accepted stewardship of 'Hanna' if there weren't a bit more to its story. And then, at the panel, he busted out that Kaspar Hauser reference, revealing that Hanna isn't just a little girl with a deadly set of talents, but that she's been raised beyond the limits of society and knows nothing of the world at large (as a kid, she had two books: an encyclopedia and a copy of 'Grimm's Fairy Tales'). Or as Saoirse Ronan described her...
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