The 'Your Highness' panel at New York Comic-Con started abnormally early for a movie targeted towards stoners (the yawn-inducing time of 10:30 am). Although bleary-eyed and ravenous with the munchies, the NYCC audience was psyched to see James Franco, Danny McBride, Justin Theroux and director David Gordon Green promote this medieval comedy meets 'High Times.' McBride (aka "Kenny F*cking Powers" as seen in 'Eastbound and Down') also wrote 'Your Highness,' and is working on a comic book prequel to the movie, as MTV Splashpage reported yesterday.

The panel was greeted by lots of screaming even before we saw the clip, which was chock full of filthy jokes about sucking one's own venom, chain mail, Natalie Portman kicking ass (and showing her ass in a thong), and much more. It was moderated by Tom McCarthy, who directed 'The Station Agent' and 'The Visitor.'

"One thing I have to say is we had a lot of fun combining some of our favorite things of Ye Olden Times and really bringing a fantasy element to a period piece," said McBride. "We do kind of pride ourselves on the historical inaccuracies." True enough, at one point McBride sports a powdered wig and a beauty mark that's several centuries away from Medieval Times. Needless to say, the props people also had fun creating special smoking apparatus for the Wizard's Weed that everyone partakes of.