Life As We Know It

While Katherine Heigl is a bona fide rom-com star, her rise to the top hasn't exactly been smooth. As she's moved from television surgeries to big-screen love, she's also talked herself into a spot as one of Hollywood's more difficult divas.

But there's a new twist that's gaining steam -- an idea that she's nothing more than the innocent victim at the middle of an unfair media sh*tstorm. 'The New York Times' has labeled her the "Unwilling Diva," a good person getting a bad rap as reporters latch onto the bad and run with it. It's not that she's created trouble for herself, this new opinion claims, but that Heigl is victim of her strength, independence and outspoken nature.

Now Heigl has to spend her time talking not just about her new projects, but also her image, in an attempt to wipe away this pesky stigma and figure out why people don't like her. But it's really not much of a mystery, and there's little chance that feigned innocence will help her case.
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