Director Barry Levinson and Al Pacinodid some great work together this year on the biopic 'You Don't Know Jack,' in which the actor portrayed assisted-suicide doctor Jack Kevorkian. Now they're reuniting for a slightly similar project for HBO based on the life of music producer Phil Spector. According to The New York Times, Pacino will play the "Wall of Sound" and songwriting legend, who was recently convicted of second-degree murder, while Levinson will this time serve as executive producer.

At the helm on this one is David Mamet, who is also writing the movie and who previously penned a great role for Pacino with 'Glengarry Glen Ross' and a great script for Levinson with 'Wag the Dog.' Presumably, due to the actor's age, the story will primarily concern Spector's trial for the shooting of Lana Clarkson, for which he is now serving a prison sentence. Of course, it's possible that Pacino will only be one of multiple actors portraying the man throughout his life. You know we need another film with Beatles cameos.
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