Recent news about Zack Snyder being tapped to direct an upcoming cinematic Superman reboot has gotten us thinking: With Marvel's major tentpole projects all building towards a major 'Avengers' movie, what's next for DC? Not one to leave us in the dark for long, Deadline Hollywood already has word that one of the next super-franchises in the works for DC will be 'The Flash'. Deadline's head columnist Nikki Finke reports that a new script for the project will be handed in for studio execs' approval some time between Thanksgiving and Christmas. DC writer Marc Guggenheim and screenwriter Michael Green (writer on 12 episodes of the superb and sorely missed 'Kings') are writing the script in question and Greg Berlanti, director of 'Life As We Know It,' contributed to the story. Berlanti may also direct the film.

The news of a new 'Flash' story is interesting as the property had previously moved ahead with David Goyer at the helm, as both director and writer had tentative plans for Ryan Reynolds to star. That project fell through five years ago, though, and with Reynolds starring in at least two 'Green Lantern' movies and maybe even a 'Deadpool' spin-off, it's highly doubtful (some would say impossible) that Reynolds will star. Who then will step into Reynolds', ahem, shoes? Moviehole speculates that Bradley Cooper, star of the recent 'The A-Team' reboot and 'The Hangover,' is a likely candidate. Cooper, as Moviehole reported, was a name that was bounced around to play Green Lantern for a while before Reynolds got the job.

What say you? Would Cooper make a good Flash? More of a Barry Allen than a Wally West, maybe? Speak your mind in the comments section, Flash fans.
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