Last year 20th Century Fox attempted a bold marketing strategy for with 'Avatar Day,' a theatrical event that allowed people to see advance footage of the highly anticipated new James Cameron movie four months before its release. Now Disney is trying something similar with 'Tron Night,' a chance for fans to see more than 20 minutes worth of new 3-D material from 'Tron: Legacy'at select IMAX locations nationwide. This event will happen October 28, 2010, and if you're in the U.S. or Canada you can reserve a seat at your nearest participating theater by going to a special Tron Night website starting tomorrow (October 12) at 1pm EST (international ticket info is tbd).

It may still be up for debate whether the 'Avatar' previews were a success or failure back in August 2009, but it's also hard to care either way now that the movie has made hundreds of millions and won a few Oscars. The thing about this movie, though, is that it has a built in fanbase, even if only of cult proportions, and many who grew up with 'Tron' are particularly excited to see this sequel, which arrives 28 years after the original. But how many of you are psyched enough to tease and spoil ourselves with this little bit?

Wouldn't it be better if Disney preceded or followed the footage with full screenings of the original 'Tron'? They'd have to at least convert it to IMAX, but they could also charge for that event, profiting through the marketing, while also giving us a chance to revisit -- or for those who haven't ever seen it, play catch up with -- the first film on the big screen.

Will you be getting your tickets to 'Tron Night' tomorrow?
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