The world is currently at the mercy of a hunger crisis, but that's okay because you can sleep comfortably at night thanks to the knowledge that scientists have turned to the silver screen for inspiration on how to solve said crisis. Researchers are on the verge of a revolutionary breakthrough in food technology that will allow for the creation of Willy Wonka's Three-Course-Dinner Gum. Oh, did you think we meant an actual hunger crisis? Sorry to have gotten your hopes up; scientists have yet to crack that nut, but maybe if someone gets them a copy of 'Soylent Green' it'll expedite things.

If you recall a few years ago scientists foretold how new advancements in nanotechnology would allow for the development of microscopic capsules that could deliver drug doses at different intervals over time. Well, now scientists have applied that same principle to making candy. Instead of using those time-delayed microcapsules to deliver life-saving medicine, it'll be used to deliver mind-blowing stages of flavor a la Wonka's magical gum. And no, this isn't a case of a scientist being vaguely inspired by something from a movie, either; Wonka's gum is precisely what they're trying to invent.
Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory
In Theaters on January 1st, 1971

Boy (Peter Ostrum), grandfather (Jack Albertson) tour magic factory of a confectioner (Gene Wilder). Read More

October 22, 2016
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