Not many film genres have their very own season ... but horror does. From early October to the wee hours of November 1, a horror freak's fancy turns to all things cinematic in nature. And that doesn't just mean "Hey, let's throw 'Halloween' in again"; in the past weeks Twitter has been awash with requests on "which horror classic I should watch," a question that is music to any horror fan's ears. We'll be focusing on some smaller, stranger, and even imported horror titles later in the month, but starting today we'll be offering you a daily dose of truly iconic horror.

Cynics may want to exclude themselves from the party, however, since all 20 of the movies we're about to cover are exceedingly well-known films. That's the tough part about finding "iconic" scenes: obscure films rarely have them. But we do have 20 of the most instantly recognizable horror scenes on tap, complete with commentary from some seriously knowledgeable genre lords. So feel free to guess which horror flicks we're about to applaud for, and then when we're all done you can share the "OMG no-brainers!" we "like, totally forgot." We can always do a sequel next Halloween.

Check out the full list of 20 most iconic horror scenes -- which we'll keep updating all the way up to the announcement of No. 1 on October 31 -- below. Or, just come on back to the Moviefone Blog every day at noon to see each scene as it's revealed.