I Am Love

'Best in Blu-ray' is a weekly column that will run on Tuesdays and examine the week's new Blu-ray releases while focusing on recommending titles for both the Blu-ray veteran and newbie.

For Blu-ray Vets:

'I Am Love'
Tilda Swinton stars as the matriarch of a wealthy Italian family who rediscovers passion in her life after meeting a younger man.
Special Features: Audio commentary by Swinton and director Luca Guadagnino, 14-minute "making of" feature, 14 minutes of interviews with cast and crew, trailer.
Transfer: Mixed reactions have bee noted. Positive, from one who also saw the movie theatrically: "The viewer can enjoy this Blu-ray secure in the knowledge that the film's visual delights have been served up just as sumptuously as if one were at the movies." (Home Theater Forum) Less positive, from another who didn't see it originally in a theater: "Neither as sharp nor as colorful as you might expect." (Blu-ray.com)
Replay Value: A great picture and booming soundtrack can be very entertaining on their own, yet it's in the marriage of stunning visuals with an absorbing story and surprising characters that the Blu-ray format excels. Cinematical's Todd Gilchrist called the film "a lush, intoxicating tale" and that well describes the rush of seeing the film for the first time. Director Luca Guadagnino has a sense of style that may feel overwhelming, but it communicates precisely the emotions of the characters, who are unable or unwilling to express themselves in words. Subsequent viewings enhance the sensory experience.
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