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It's a funny thing when a film can make $391 million worldwide and still be considered a disappointment. What the box office gross of Bryan Singer's 'Superman Returns' proved is that audiences were primed for a brand-new Superman film after a twenty-one year absence from the silver screen. What thousands of movie-goers' grumblings proved is that 'Superman Returns' didn't fully succeed at capturing the magic of the world's most famous superhero.

One of the problems with Singer's film was a slavish devotion to Richard Donner's original 1978 hit. While certain aspects felt like a rousing homage (variations on John Williams' impeccable theme), others (Lex Luthor's real estate development schemes) felt like a dead weight on the film. An overall problem with Singer's approach is that instead of kickstarting a new franchise, he only capped off what Donner started decades before.

Warner Brothers is now looking to re-boot the re-boot, turning to director Zack Snyder to step up to the plate and hit a homerun with the latest Christopher Nolan-produced cinematic Superman adventure. The pitch? Superman faces off against the Kryptonian criminal mastermind General Zod.