You'd think that after one serious accident on the set, let alone a lawsuit, Michael Bay and the 'Transformers 3' stunt team would consider safety a top priority. Either the gang put the incident that left an extra in critical condition behind them or this was just one huge mistake because the 'Transformers' cars were busy zipping around the set yesterday and ran into trouble yet again.

Both TMZ and YouTube have videos of Bumblebee getting into a scuffle not with a Deceptacon, but with a cop car. The videos provide different angles of Megatron in car form and the rest of the gang flying down a street. Just as the group crosses an intersection, that aforementioned cop car comes from the other direction and Bumblebee plows right into it while traveling perpendicular. It looks like a fairly high-speed crash, but the damage seems minimal compared to that wild highway scene gone wrong from last month.

If only that cop car were part of the production, perhaps it could have transformed and eluded the collision. Apparently there was a bomb scare in the area and the Explosive Ordinances Division was handling the case. There must have been a rift in communication, because the EOD car came careening right through the active set. The cop driving that vehicle was taken to a nearby hospital.
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