Just a few weeks ago, the interwebs were abuzz over the news that Ridley Scott's planned 'Alien' prequel was going to be a "really nasty" hard "R" and star the lovely Gemma Arterton. Now, Vulture has an update on the still-untitled production and a few things have apparently changed -- namely that the studio is hoping for a PG-13 rating and that Natalie Portman is now at the top of the Wish List for the lead role, a Colonial Marine general who will encounter the nasty Xenomorphs 35 years before the events of the first 'Alien' film.

Naturally, any further details are wrapped up tighter than a metaphor for how tightly things can be wrapped up, but with a production that fans of the series seem to be anticipating and dreading in equal measure, every little detail must be examined and agonized over. It is difficult to imagine too many people getting upset over Portman taking the lead role, seeing that she's proven herself a more-than-competent actress on a number of occasions (even if she seems awfully young for a "general"), but the idea of a PG-13 'Alien' film only dregs up bad memories of Paul W.S. Anderson's agonizingly bland, fanboy-hope-crushing disaster, 'Alien Vs Predator.'
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