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likes reusing certain actors enough that when his ensemble for 'Inception' was announced, many of us wondered if he was just making his third 'Batman' installment in secret. That wasn't the case, but since the release of Nolan's latest we've also speculated that he could take one of its non-'Batman'-franchise-regulars and bring him or her into the next installment. Say, Joseph Gordon Levitt as The Riddler. Or, less championed, Marion Cotillard as Catwoman. Now, and this isn't exactly official, Tom Hardy is said to be reuniting with Nolan "for a lead role" in the sequel to 'Batman Begins' and 'The Dark Knight,' according to Deadline.

As the report states, we can all assume Hardy will be the villain in 'Batman 3,' though apparently nobody at Warner Bros. will say. But what other kind of "lead role" could there be unless he was in fact surprisingly replacing Christian Bale as the Caped Crusader? Those who've seen the actor's brilliant, theatrical performance in 'Bronson' know how perfect he'll be as a Batman baddie, but which one? Will he be The Riddler? How about Catwoman -- wouldn't that be an unexpected and unorthodox twist (he really could pull it off)? Also rumored to be a villain is Killer Croc, which Hardy could easily pull off. The guy is just that versatile.

Readers with better (and more recent) familiarity with the DC universe might have some better ideas of what character Hardy's best suited for, so let's commence the guessing game.
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