As evidenced by the recent news that 20th Century Fox' franchise reboot of 'Alien' is likely to be rated PG-13, any announcement that a horror film is going to be rated PG-13 typically has fans sharpening their pitchforks and igniting their torches. It doesn't matter whether it's a break with franchise tradition, as will inevitably be the case with this new 'Alien' film, or a tiny indie flick, the sentiment is that if anyone is going to be making a real horror movie, the only honorable thing to do is shoot for the R. Anything less is seen as a sign that a movie is going to be making sacrifices left and right to appeal to a wider demographic.

And while any film fan worth their salt would much rather see an R-rated 'Alien' film than anything else, the truth is the PG-13 rating isn't the curse of death many make it out to be. Sure, it limits the amount of profanity, nudity and gore that a filmmaker can show, but such limitations shouldn't be seen as deal breakers. Just because a film received a PG-13 rating does not mean that it was made for 13-year olds, and to that end here are a number of examples that prove when a horror movie is done right, it doesn't matter what the rating is.
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