Diane Lane in 'Unfaithful'

With her starring role as racehorse owner Penny Chenery in the just-released Disney movie 'Secretariat,' Diane Lane has added another screen persona to her long, diverse resume. A Hollywood name since the tender age of 13 when she appeared in 'A Little Romance' with Laurence Olivier, Lane has had her share of career ups and downs, with several of the latter occurring early on, when an actor's career can most easily derail.

But Lane -- her conventional prettiness made even more attractive by the quiet intelligence and emotional honesty she conveys onscreen -- persevered. Her willingness to "go there" both emotionally and physically resulted in what was easily the best role of her career: wayward suburban wife Connie Sumner in Adrian Lyne's 2002 romantic thriller 'Unfaithful.' Though critical and popular reaction to the movie was mixed, no one disputed the power of Lane's performance as a conflicted woman caught up in a tumultuous extra-marital affair; it won her a Best Actress Oscar nomination.
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