Alan Moore's turned his back on Hollywood and given superheroes the cold shoulder, but apparently he's ready to jump into feature-length filmmaking if he's behind the screenwriting wheel. The Bearded One's script for the short film 'Jimmy's End' was enough of an indication to Warp Films, the UK-based production company behind 'Four Lions,''Bunny and the Bull,''Trash Humpers,''This is England' and more, to approach him about writing a feature-length film.

According to Bleeding Cool, whose reporter Rich Johnston attended a Q&A in Moore's hometown of Northampton to benefit the non-profit Fight for Sight, Moore spilled the (toast and) beans to the crowd. Johnston writes, "The story concerns a Northampton writer and occultist who is trying to take over the dreamtime of everyone in the Boroughs, before extending his influence over the country and then the world. Amidst chuckles from the crowd, Moore insisted that the series would expose his megalomaniacal tendencies once and for all!" Perhaps that would be because it sounds like the protagonist is based on Moore himself, a noted occultist, writer, and Northampton native whose works, it could be said, have taken over the world in their own special way.

It sounds like the project could dig pretty deeply into other story-telling realms; Warp is already talking to Moore about making the story into a TV series as well. Within the film itself, Johnston reports, characters will watch a fictional soap opera named 'Wittgenstein Avenue' and even play a video game -- all ideas ripe for production on their own.
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