- The oft-delayed 'I Love You Phillip Morris' has a new poster showcasing Jim Carrey and Ewan McGregor's love.

- Yesterday there was a rumor going around that Guillermo Del Toro was set to direct Legendary Picture's 'Godzilla' relaunch. Today HitFix reached out to the 'Hellboy' director and confirmed that not only has no one ever approached Del Toro about the film, but that he doesn't ever even plan on reading the script for it.

- Joe Carnahan has just signed on at Endgame to rewrite and eventually direct 'Umbra,' a thriller that was intended as a Nicolas Cage vehicle last year but never got off the ground. Originally written by Steven Karczynski,'Umbra' has the vague premise of, "a man who finds an old cassette tape which reveals a horrifying secret."

- Angelina Jolie has been banned, temporarily, at least, from filming her (currently untitled) directorial debut in Bosnia until the nation's culture minister approves her script. The decision to block production was made after female victims of the Bosnian war protested to the proposed film's depiction of a Serbian man who falls in love with a Bosnian woman because it makes for "misleading history."
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