10 years after the dawn of a new reality show on MTV, the Jackass guys have gained plenty of fame and notoriety and are about to release their third (?!) feature film, sure to be filled with plenty of their signature shenanigans. With tomorrow's release of 'Jackass 3D,' it's a good a time as any to wonder if this type of comedy is still popular and why.

By the very nature of the question's wording, the assumption is that their brand of humor was funny and popular at one time. That pretty much goes without saying. Jackass as a TV show was a hit seemingly overnight. Controversy over the stunts and condemnation from US Senators only added to the show's popularity and appeal. Whether you found it funny or not, a lot of people certainly did. The show ended it's brief television run in 2002 and capped it off with a feature film, 'Jackass: The Movie.'

Filmed on a production budget of $5 million, the film was number 1 at the box office during it's opening weekend, raking in over $20 million, well on its way to a worldwide gross of almost $80 million. If 'Jackass' on TV was a hit, 'Jackass' on the big screen was a monster, bringing in a huge return for it's producers and distributor. So what is it about 'Jackass' that still connects with audiences? It's the same things audiences have laughed at time and time again: The show takes several different approaches to comedy and cranks them all up to 11.