Once he's done hanging out with Amazonian tribes, and likely before he gets working on the first 'Avatar' sequel, James Cameroncould possibly direct the next biopic about Cleopatra. This would be that version set to controversially starAngelina Jolieand be based on Stacy Schiff's upcoming book 'Cleopatra: A Life' (out November 1). The script for the film is currently in the works by Brian Helgeland ('Robin Hood'), and Scott Rudin ('No Country for Old Men') is producing. According to Deadline, Cameron is "seriously" considering coming aboard. But it's not a definite deal just yet.

'Cleopatra' isn't an obvious gig for the guy whose films have mostly concentrated on robots, aliens and the depths of the ocean, but neither was Cameron's desire to helm a film about the atomic bombing of Japan earlier this year. Now that 'Last Train to Hiroshima' is pretty much dead, he's apparently still interested in some sort of historical drama. The fact that he's going 2000 years further into history, though, is surprising. Yet also quite exciting. And the project does at least fit with Cameron's penchant for strong female roles. Will his version of the Egyptian queen kick as much ass as Ripley, Sarah Connor and Neytiri?

This would really only be Cameron's second film ever to be set in the past -- the loosely historical 'Titanic' being the other. We're certainly intrigued what his ancient world will look like. And will he nearly bankrupt a studio the way he seemed to be doing with his 1997 blockbuster, or the way the classic Elizabeth Taylor-headed 'Cleopatra' did half a century ago? No matter how good, it's probably not likely to be the kind of moneymaker his last two efforts have been.
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