If the past fifteen years have taught us anything at all about the universe, it's that Matt Damon can do anything. He's a talented screenwriter (remember that one time he co-wrote a script? And it was really good?), a stellar dramatic actor ('The Legend of Bagger Vance' is my jam), and a grounded comedic presence both on screen ('30 Rock') and off. He's open to taking risks, he's always involved in humanitarian efforts of some kind, and he was in 'Mystic Pizza.' The man is practically the classy MacGyver of our times, and it was only a matter of time before he decided to step behind the camera and see how the other half lives.

In a recent interview with the LA Times to promote 'Hereafter' -- his second film for Clint Eastwood and a role he accepted just to prove once and for all that he can be good in absolutely anything -- Damon revealed that he's "Dying to direct. The only reason I haven't started already is that I keep getting offered all these great acting opportunities, where I get to work with great filmmakers like Clint, Steven Soderbergh, Martin Scorsese and the Coen brothers. I figure as long as I'm able to work with them, my directing career can wait, since I'm learning more from them than I could from anyone else in the world." The man has a good point: working with such a diverse and accomplished roster of directors is like being paid an ungodly sum to attend the greatest film school there is (and a film school that comes with free catering).
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