One thing agreed upon by most of us awards watchers is that the three leads of Lisa Cholodenko's 'The Kids Are All Right' are all frontline contenders for nominations. Whoops, did I say leads? Talk was overheard that this could be Annette Bening's year. After years of losing to Hilary Swank (of all people) here was another great Bening performance in a very fine film that was going to stay in the conversation even with another five months of competitors to come and go. One problem though: Her chief competition might be an even more overdue actress in Julianne Moore. Four nominations since 1998 compared to Bening's three since 1991. There could be a silver lining in all of this though if Focus jumps at the opportunity. Win-win for the film and perhaps even both actresses. They just need to campaign Bening for Best Supporting Actress.

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