For the last four years, Alamo Drafthouse programmer Zack Carlson has hosted a late-night horror movie celebration called Terror Tuesday and if you are a lover of horror, both esoterically brilliantly and obscurely awful, this night was invented just for you. The Terror Tuesday Report will dissect the movie shown as well as provide a barometer for the audience's reaction.

This week's film:
'Trick or Treat', directed by Charles Martin Smith, 1986

If you went to high school in the 80's, no doubt you ran across a kid like Eric Weinbauer. He's awkward, shy, and completely consumed by his passion for heavy metal. Popular with neither the guys or the girls, Eric (alias Rag Man) finds his only solace in the thrashing, head-banging melodies of his favorite metal bands; particularly one Mr. Sammi Curr. When fate intervenes to prematurely sever Sammy from the mortal coil, Rag Man finds himself locked in a spiraling despair. But when an acetate copy of Sammi's final album allows him the supernatural ability to communicate with his fallen idol, Rag Man wonders if his life may be turning around. But when Sammi begins violently punishing Rag Man's enemies, young Eric wonders if his hero was better off dead.
Trick or Treat Movie Poster
Trick or Treat
In Theaters on October 24, 1986

Playing a dead heavy-metal rocker's (Tony Fields) last record backward brings him back with the power... Read More

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