Pop culture science: after you see a movie you absolutely love, a memory is formed and it lurks under the surface for years and years, shifting and changing, morphing and growing, until one day -- it could be a year, or a few decades -- something comes along that drills straight into your gray matter and releases that memory in a geyser. That right there is nostalgia.

There is nothing more likely to trigger a memory geyser of nostalgia than seeing an iconic cast reunited. Who doesn't love that? The answer is no one. Entertainment Weekly was probably counting on that fact when they organized a series of reunion photo shoots for their latest issue. Thankfully, a video camera and someone with a notepad full of questions was apparently lurking nearby on every shoot, ready to satisfy your nostalgic cravings.

Seeing Michael J. Fox and Lea Thompson chatting about their experiences on 'Back to the Future,' a film so many people have loved since childhood, has the ability to send a chill down the spine of even the most cynical, callous movie fan. The same goes for the cast of 'Pretty in Pink,' which may not have the same massive audience as Robert Zemeckis' time travel series, but it's fun to see that a comradery still exists between the cast members. And then there's the baby of the group, the nearly ten-year-old 'Lord of the Rings' trilogy and three of its starring hobbits, Ellijah Wood, Sean Astin and Dominic Monaghan. Watch as they wax nostalgic about going to a gay bar with Ian McKellen.

Seriously, watch all three reunion videos after the jump!
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