Trying to pick the best from Morgan Freeman is like trying to decide which Hitchcock (or Kubrick or Pixar) films are the best. Just when you think you have things decided, you take another look and kick yourself for overlooking something special. We've been sort of spoiled by Morgan Freeman over the past several decades. From even his earliest screen ventures, there's been a remarkably cool consistency and instant likeability that's struck a chord with audiences everywhere. (For example, 'The Shawshank Redemption' would probably still be a damn fine film without Morgan Freeman in it, but it wouldn't be quite so special.)

So while it's easy to overlook the man's relatively few turkeys, that does leave a whole lot of quality to wander through. This is where personal preference comes into play, so feel free to toss your favorite Freeman moments into the mix once you're done with these ones.
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