How to dress up like 'The Human Centipede' characters for Halloween:

The Costume: A mad scientist's gory and gutsy centipede-like abomination, or the insane German surgeon himself, Dr. Heiter (Dieter Laser).

What You'll Need: At least two brave friends willing to get a little up close and personal. Bonus if they're two obnoxious party girls and/or a guy who speaks Japanese -- and can scream, grunt and cry like a baby on cue.

You must be willing to show a little skin for the gauzy diaper-bikini you'll be wearing. Good thing gauze is cheap at any local drug store, because you're going to needs lots of it to make sure no one can escape the inevitable face planting that will ensue. If you're worried that gauze will expose your vulnerable parts to the world, pick up a pair of these inexpensive American Apparel "high-rise briefs," along with a "ruched front tube bra" -- both in white.

Next, a little eyeliner for that gonzo-porn-meets-distressed-prom-queen look. Any cheap, black eyeliner from your local drug store works and will come in handy when creating the surgical incisions on your cheeks, jaw and mouth. Halloween Adventure (or any costume supply shop) has a selection of fake blood (a little goes a long way) for your face and knees. There's also some fleshy, latex goop if you want to make the scarring look more realistic. Latex allergies are welcome in this case -- the more rashy swelling, the better.
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