Tom Cruise
might march to the beat of his own drummer (probably the drummer from Foghat), but for all of his eccentricities it's hard to deny that he's also one of the last true movie stars we've got left. He's charismatic, powerful, totally inaccessible, and his brand is almost as universally recognized as Coke. But Cruise's appeal has been a bit diluted since he boldly revealed to the world that he's kind of completely insane, and despite the consistently high caliber of his projects, 'Knight and Day' proved that he just can't deliver an original film to box office glory like he once could. Fortunately, there are always sequels to fall back on. Production is already underway on 'Mission Impossible IV' (directed by Brad Bird!), we recently brought you word of a potential 'Top Gun 2,', and now there's supposedly a 'Risky Business 2' scriptment out there in which a happily married Joel Goodsen would be reunited with Lana, the call girl of his dreams.

So as we steel ourselves for what might be a veritable tidal wave of Tom Cruise sequels, we thought we'd take a look back at his illustrious career and consider 3 hypothetical sequels we'd be excited to see, and 3 that would be among the most sad and inexplicable things to happen to his career since his 'Mission Impossible II' hair. Or 'Mission Impossible II.'
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Mission: Impossible -- Ghost Protocol
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