If you read our first report from the set of 'Your Highness' a few weeks back, you'll know this is a movie we're cautiously excited about. A kind of homage to 70s fantasy films, only with added filthy jokes, 'Your Highness' could really push the boundaries of taste and decency -- hopefully in a good way.

It helps that the comedy has attracted an awesome cast, littered with classically trained British thesps (Charles Dance, Damien Lewis), indie talent and big established stars. We visited the set in Belfast, Northern Ireland, and got to chat with some of the talent involved. Here's a handy cut-out-and-keep guide to who we interviewed:

David Gordon Green: A versatile director whose work ranges from subtle indie dramas ('George Washington') to ridiculous stoner comedies like 'Pineapple Express'. 'Your Highness' -- needless to say -- falls into the latter camp.
Zooey Deschanel: She probably hates being called quirky. But she just is, both in her most famous film role -- '500 Days of Summer' -- and in real life.
James Franco : Despite looking (and acting) like a spaced-out surfer when we saw him, Franco is actually a talented actor. Thankfully he's given up the bland pretty boy roles of early years ('Flyboys', 'Tristan and Isolde') and is now taking on a wide range of parts, including -- bizarrely -- a stint on 'General Hospital.'
Justin Theroux: Was in an extremely bizarre costume when we spoke to him, which made it difficult to take anything he said seriously. Another 'Your Highness' star whose career has effortlessly traversed indie and mainstream ('Inland Empire'/'Charlie's Angels'), he also wrote the screenplay for 'Iron Man 2'.
Danny McBride: The star of this show. Wasn't filming any of his scenes that day but turned up nonetheless, supposedly to help with the script (he's co-writer) but it looked like he was just larking around to us. A funny man.

Okay, introductions out of the way, cue chat ...
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