The Movie: 'A Nightmare on Elm Street' (1984)

The Scene: Shellshocked by the death of her best friend, Nancy Thompson decides to take a hot bath one night to clear her head. She's young and vulnerable and caught up in a mystery she still doesn't quite understand. There's a man named Freddy Krueger who's coming after her in her dreams, but those dreams may just be spilling over into real life. In any event, a nice, warm bath should relieve some of the tension. Only problem is Freddy's there too.

As Nancy starts to dose off, Freddy's gloved hand with knives over the fingers slowly rises from the soapy water between Nancy's legs. Just as the hand is heading towards Nancy's face, her mom knocks on the door waking her and causing the hand to slip down below the surface of the water. Despite her mother's admonishes not to fall asleep in the tub, Nancy starts to nod off again and the glove is back, like a shark in the water, and this time it pulls her under. Nancy fights for her life in what seems like an ocean under her bathtub. Kicking and flailing, she's finally able to pull herself up and out of the tub just as her mother bursts into the room, alerted to the danger by Nancy's screams. It's easily one of the most memorable scenes in a film that has become a genre classic.
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A Nightmare on Elm Street
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