Jackass 3D

Over the past year, proof that 3-D is remaking the film industry has come in the form of blue aliens, runaway toys, and now, groin injuries. Exhibit A: the beyond-all-expectations $50 million opening weekend for 'Jackass 3D.'

The latest set of cartoonish stunts from Johnny Knoxville and his fellow masochists had been expected to take the top spot at the box office, but maybe to the tune of $25 to $35 million. Instead, 'Jackass 3D's' estimated haul set a new record for an October opening, beating the $48.1 million benchmark set by 'Scary Movie 3' seven years ago. It's also the second-best R-rated comedy opening ever, behind 2008's 'Sex and the City' ($57.0 million). Not too shabby for a franchise that's been absent from the screen for four years, and whose last installment ('Jackass Number Two') opened at $29.0 million.