The Movie
: 'Jackass 3D', the third film in the popular franchise that spun off the successful MTV series of the same name. Like its predecessors, 'Jackass 3D' is a loose compilation of skits, sketches and stunts, some involving dwarfs, starring goofballs Johnny Knoxville, Chris Pontius, and Steve-O, and directed by franchise originator Johnny Tremaine. For the first time, the fluids, bees (!), and little people go flying in three dimensions.

The Target Audience: Teenagers; college kids; audiences eager to watch idiots hurt themselves; fans of the prior films and people who grew up on the TV show – which, it's easy to forget, began airing ten years ago. All kidding aside, 'Jackass' has become a remarkably enduring pop culture phenomenon.

The Competition: The somewhat demographically challenged retired-secret-agent action comedy 'Red', which nonetheless performed reasonably well in second place. 'The Social Network' was the strongest holdover, followed by mostly family fare and rom-coms. A well-chosen weekend to open 'Jackass 3D'. More details about the weekend's box office are in our Box Office Report here.

The Number: $50 million on 3,081 screens – holy crap! That's the highest opening weekend gross for any movie in September or October, ever. It is the ninth highest opening weekend gross for an R-rated film, ever. It is roughly equivalent to the opening weekend grosses of the first two 'Jackass' films combined, improving on its direct predecessor by a full $20 million.