The Gotham Independent Film Awards are not necessarily the best at forecasting the Oscars, but as the first major film award event of the season it does at least have the power to lift some titles up from obscurity, doubt or complete disregard. For instance, today the Independent Film Project named the 2010 nominations, and with them such indie darlings as 'Winter's Bone' and 'The Kids Are All Right' get their hats nudged further into the awards season ring. Both are up for Best Feature and Best Ensemble, with the former category also contatining Oscar sure-thing 'Black Swan,''Blue Valentine' and the horror remake 'Let Me In.'

It's the last of those nominees that seems most surprising. The English-language redo of Swedish vampire hit 'Let the Right One In' has disappointed at the box office, but perhaps this honor can give it a little boost with the arthouse crowd if the mainstream audiences keep choosing to ignore it. Could this possibly mean a shot at an Academy Award? Probably not. The Gotham Awards tend only to share one, maybe now two titles with the Best Picture nominees, and even with the big Oscar category including ten slots there's not much likelihood that one will go to a beautifully shot, well-directed and acted horror film. Right?
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